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Legacy Snack Box Legacy Snack Box
Legacy Snack Box Legacy Snack Box

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Legacy Snack Box

With an array of mouth-watering snacks and conversation-starting facts, our Legacy Snack Box is a hit wherever, whenever.

Awkward silence? This box is sure to get any group talking. We’ve included a bit of history and fun facts about some of our favorite food icons –– set up a post-snack discussion with your team to feed your mind while you munch.

> Comfort-food inspired Soul Popped popcorn is sure to drum up some memories and be a conversation starter.
> Get your savory, crunchy fix with Symphony Chips, crackers from Everybody Eats, and Pipcorn cheese crunchies.
> Satisfy your sweet tooth with Partake cookies and pecan brittle from Holmes Sweet Home.
> For some healthier alternatives, reach for It's Nola granola bites, a dark chocolate bar from Askanya, dried pineapple from Blue Henry, or Sanaia applesauce.

From brainstorming sessions to planning meetings, everybody needs a bit of inspiration. This box has it all –– sweet, savory and everything in between––from a selection of new snack makers following in the footsteps of the OG’s. Our Snack Box is a perfect addition to any group discussion, and it’ll have you lickin’ the dust off your fingers when you’re done.


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inside this box

Cheddar Crunchies
Pecan Brittle
Holmes sweet Home
Dried Pineapple
Blue Henry
Plant Based Crackers
Everybody Eats
Guava Applesauce
Gourmet Mac-n-cheese Popcorn
Soul Popped
Potato Chips
Symphony Chips
Granola Bites
It's Nola
Chocolate Bar

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
What a beautiful curated surprise!

I truly enjoyed the beautifully curated gift. Everything felt really thought out. Those cookies I could eat forever. I really enjoyed getting to know new black-owned brands. Thank you!

Anna D
So many goodies

I was recently accepted into the Google for Startups program for The Qube & we got swagged out with a custom Google box produced by Viledge. So many goodies & the wife took half of them smh 😂

Desmond W
Exposed me to new black-owned brands from the area.

During our Google For Startups, Black founders exchange we were given a Villedge box filled with black-owned brands/products. It made me feel proud to have supported these brands, and also brought a new love for one of the popcorn brands. The unboxing was a really cool & fun experience.

Brandon C
A Feel Good Gift

This was a feel good box. The colors and arrangement was so warm and inviting. Each piece was extremely thoughtful.

Jenn M
Great thoughtful gifts/swag

The box and gifts were so thoughtful and curated perfectly for our team event. I loved the Papa Rozier Farms products and ended up ordering more after the first one ran out. Truly thankful I was introduced and was able to support these vendors.


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