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What is Viledge?

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It’s as easy as the two-step! Select the experience, share the recipients emails, and add a personal note. We take care of the rest and deliver the gifts straight to their door.

New twist on corporate gifts

“By buying Black, consumers are consciously disengaging from the viral cycle of corporate ignorance, public outrage and corporate apology. And in the face of today’s fraught politics and overt racism, it marks a return to a form of economic protest from another time in America’s not-so-distant history.”

New York Times

Our Promise

When you support small businesses, the community flourishes. 48% of small business purchases are recirculated locally compared to only 14% of purchases at chain stores. Conventional online marketplaces take more than they give to the businesses and customers on their platforms. As a Viledge member, small businesses can connect directly to conscious shoppers through exclusive deals and events.